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"You are sharp, instinctual and creative"

Tomorrow's tip for Dragon :  Mon, Dec 18, 2017

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Wealth for Dragon - 2017

Your finances will improve this year – exceeding your expectations! – but do remember to spread the wealth and love. Don't be greedy but instead be generous. Keeping your wealth jealously to yourself will cause you harm.
If you are working for a company or own your own business, your performance will be off the charts. Peer recognition is strong and increments, promotions and even a hefty bonus is possible if you play your cards right.

Career for Dragon - 2017

New jobs, offers and even breakthroughs are in the cards this year. Act quickly and be pro-active in your actions. Show off your skills too. Your work superiors and senior members will help you and despite tough work environments this year. It's a good idea to enhance your knowledge with training and studies as this will further improve prospects. Those who are keen to begin a business will also see this year as a good time to do so.

Love for Dragon - 2017

You may find yourself in a constant good mood and this will help make your love life great.
Your improved fortunes see improved love. Married dragons will see harmony and joy in the household – lots of laughter and jokes too! It's going to be a great year.

Health for Dragon - 2017

Watch your health this year and practise good hygiene standards as well as a better diet than before. Keep good sleeping hours and don't partake in excessive drinking.
Enjoy activities that can relax you and keep you rested. Eat well and take one thing at a time. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Years of the Dragon

2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, ...

Compatible animals for Dragon

Rat, Monkey, Rooster

Your personality: Dragon

Persons born under the sign of the 'Dragon' are very magical. They are sharp, instinctual and creative, although they may be easily offended, headstrong and hasty in making decisions. Displaying a shrewd personality coupled with a little bit of a sleight-of-hand skills, they can make things done in an instant. They can also be rather sophisticated and hard to get close to. The advantage of the 'Dragon' person lies not on their scales but because they are proud, perfectionist, rather materialistic and difficult to form a close bond with which others find very attractive.

Legend often ascribe to the dragon mystical abilities that are astounding, awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Arguing or even attempting to contradict a dragon person will be met with futility. Their enchanting personality makes it hard to do so. He is not one to go against. He will intimidate the people who provoke him, and not give up until he finishes them. Also he possesses fiery emotions, he is insensitive and takes love and romance for granted. The Dragon is a forgiving person after he gets over his tantrums, and the reciprocity principle is expected by the dragon person.

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