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"You are gentle, compassionate, amiable and generous"

Tomorrow's tip for Goat :  Mon, Dec 18, 2017

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Wealth for Goat - 2017

Chances are you may need to be very prudent in judgment related to your wealth this year. You may have to operate on minimal budget all year round.
Be prepared and arm yourself with knowledge on how to raise your income and lower the bills. Risky speculation or investment is not for you this year. It's better to control cost and save your money.

Career for Goat - 2017

If you are an employee, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted due to sudden issues cropping up and you may find yourself dealing with these problems by yourself.
If you are a business owner or you manage one, there is a chance that work execution does not run as smoothly as you like due to unforeseen circumstances in the market.
You may overcome these potential ills by becoming creative and open to change. Seek new avenues and channels, and experiment with different techniques.
Communication also seems to be the key for you this year.

Love for Goat - 2017

This year sees a mild forecast in terms of love – potential partners will not be in abundance. Though this is the case, you may have a chance to meet a potential partner though it may also be a little difficult to pursue.
Married sheep find their schedules filled with social events. There is a chance that you may actually fall head over heels with someone and be tempted to cheat on your spouse. Please keep your distance and avoid from close contact – this is to ensure you remain true to your loved one.

Health for Goat - 2017

Your inner peace is more important than anything else and furthermore seek early treatment before it gets out of hand. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol, and instead invest time in positive exercises, activities and pastimes that can help you rest and relax.
Physical activity such as sports will help you and if needed, do consider seeking out the services of a psychologist.

Years of the Goat

2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931, ...

Compatible animals for Goat

Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Your personality: Goat

People born under the sign of the 'Goat' are generally characterised as gentle, compassionate, amiable and generous. They are nice to their friends and loved ones. Because of their alluring personality, they attract people to help them wherever they go. Goat is the 8th zodiac sign. The Chinese believe number 8 brings prosperity and good blessings. They will marry well. They are not only cherished by their spouses but also by their extended families. They are close to nature, love animals and kids, and are generally homebodies.

The 'Goat' is creative, artistic and has a great sense of fashion. They are also indecisive, gullible and dislike criticism. They find it hard to work under duress. They can and are easily taken in by sad stories. They are more likely ruled by their hearts but their heads often distract them from the truth. Because of this subjectivity brought about by their emotionality, being objective is hard for them. With regards to their professional and personal lives, they often mix these up and end up being confused. Yet, they have incredible luck in their life. They have an extravagant spending habit.

Goat people are intelligent to the point of gnawing at knowledge most of the time. They are also good at running a business. They have an artistic inclination that also tends to be pessimistic. Their worst personality can come in the form of being filled with emotions that often distracts them from the truth, pessimistic and can be withdrawn from time to time.

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