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"You are very independent, well-liked and bright"

Today's tip for Horse :  Mon, May 1, 2017

Your relationships are going to be a challenging factor in your day. If you are still single, you may meet someone who seems to be more than they are in fact. If you are already married, you should be extra careful to avoid pushing their buttons.

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Wealth for Horse - 2017

You find new ways of making money. You will also be able to conserve your wealth. A possible setback ahead is you or a family member may fall ill this year and will require money from you to treat it.
Therefore the horse can gain income, but may lose it as well. Take note to save your money – put it away in a bank. Do not borrow money.

Career for Horse - 2017

A new employment and pleasant surprises are in store. So be pro-active and get the ball moving by working hard. Be smart about it too and be creative. Make more friends – all this can help you receive help from others and create opportunities.
Those who decide to take the lazy road and not capitalise on the year ahead will see disagreements on the horizon. So remember to talk a little less and work hard a little more this year.

Love for Horse - 2017

Those who are looking for a partner may get to date often but not find anyone suitable. Friendships at work and at play will bloom especially with those of the opposite sex.
You may possibly find your potential partner this year after all. Marriage is even possible. Your good love luck spills to wealth whereby you may also gain increments. Work hard at this time as you will gain favourable attention.

Health for Horse - 2017

Health will not fare as well as your wealth, career and love prospects this year. You may need to check on your health status – pay attention to your family's health as well. Take regular check-ups if an old ailment flares up again. Arthritis, cervical spondylosis or forms of dementia may occur to senior age horses – but of course this is only a possibility.

Years of the Horse

2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, ...

Compatible animals for Horse

Tiger, Goat, Dog

Your personality: Horse

People born under this sign are characterized as happy and have a positive outlook in life. These people are also very independent, well-liked, and bright. with an amazing ability to manage wealth. He is insightful and chatty and has an alluring personality. He may be fiery-tempered, impulsive and stubborn at times due to his capricious nature. He is highly unpredictable and is indecisive when it comes to relationships.

They are a very decent people but sometimes their stand on certain issues can make them very inflexible.

His swift and elegant body movements and quick speech make him stand out from a crowd. He possesses quick reflexes and can make decisions instantly. Being a non-conformist, he is able to compensate for his possible insecurity by being highly adaptable.

Mental and physical exercises are what stimulate horse people. Running, prancing, galloping not only their legs but also their brains make them quick on their toes. His swift and elegant body movements and quick speech make him stand out from a crowd. People born under the horse sign is very independent and does not like to be bound by any social restrictions.

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