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"You are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners"

Yesterday's tip for Monkey :  Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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Wealth for Monkey - 2017

Stability and balance is in store for you this year. Your wealth this year may not come in the form of windfalls, but rather a regular income through work that is steady in nature.
Difficulties may arise but you find yourself being able to solve all issues at the eleventh hour. In terms of investment and wealth creation, be careful and do not commit to anything hastily.

Career for Monkey - 2017

Work progress and speed may change. To avoid these pitfalls, approach your job with a positive mindset, a good attitude and treat your work seriously.
It may lead to further issues related to anxiety, worry, bad tempers and a jeopardized career as a result. Take note of these issues and again foster a positive outlook.

Love for Monkey - 2017

Be communicative and respect yourself as well as your partner. Focus on your loved one and be more thoughtful. There is a possibility that arguments and even a relationship crisis might occur due to a cumulative effect of arguments, so by being loving, caring and attentive, this can be avoided.

Health for Monkey - 2017

Avoid smoking and alcohol, and instead focus on relaxing and resting your mind and spirit. If you have any nagging mild illnesses, treat them immediately.

Years of the Monkey

2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, ...

Compatible animals for Monkey

Snake, Rat, Dragon

Your personality: Monkey

'Monkey' people are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners, manipulative and competitive. Challenges are what make the 'Monkey' person motivated to move along the path of greatness. No challenge is too great from them.

They exhibit good interpersonal and social skills, but oftentimes, they can be selfish, cunning, jealous and egoistic. They often think too highly of themselves and have little respect for others.

People born under this sign are overflowing with talent and wealth.

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