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"You are hardworking, self-assured and smart"

Yesterday's tip for Ox :  Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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Wealth for Ox - 2017

Oxens, you may find yourself spending more than you earn this year. This is troubling but fortunately will not last for long. Soon you may amass some savings again.
Switching jobs is a likelihood and better yet, you may even start your own business (finally!).
As legal conflicts and even scams may be upon you this year, practice kindness towards others and avoid nosy gossip.

Career for Ox - 2017

Keep your eyes on your work and be efficient for further gains. I recommend that you open your business this year if you have been thinking about doing so.
Be careful always of who you work with, but it is especially important to do so this year. Don't trust people so easily and keep your guard up as long as necessary.

Love for Ox - 2017

You may find yourself irritated often with those that are close to you in your life and you may even become intolerable to be around.
Train yourself to breathe and remain calm. Control your emotions and have empathy for others around you. Anger will not serve you as well as love and understanding.

Health for Ox - 2017

You feel sapped of any vitality and sadness overcomes you. Self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself now and love yourself well. Don't give in to false thoughts.
You may also feel unmotivated, or motivated at first then giving up after exhausting yourself. You may be a slave to your work – why not take a break? Relax and rest yourself with a holiday in the company of loved ones.

Years of the Ox

2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937, ...

Compatible animals for Ox

Rat, Snake, Rooster

Your personality: Ox

'Ox' people are characterised as hardworking, self-assured, smart, slow to anger, regimental and helpful. They thrive on rigidly following systems and procedures which people misinterpret as being stubborn and traditional.

They are very attached to their families and know their responsibilities to them. A steady and dependable character will let them attain positions of influence and power. They are always up to the task, but may be overly involved.

The high expectations placed by people on persons born under the ox sign will not be wasted. They will perform their duties as expected. But caution must be observed unless they are restrained. They may take this responsibility too seriously to the detriment of everybody and to their well-being. Their resourcefulness is the result of their ambition. The future is bright and wide open for them. However, they have a hard time taking criticisms from people. But they are wise beyond their years and exhibits foresight and very adept at interpersonal skills.

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