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"You are symbols of affluence and wealth"

Yesterday's tip for Pig :  Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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Wealth for Pig - 2017

This is the year for you to be economical with your wealth. As some issues potentially crop up and stop good wealth creation prospects, your career may also be affected. The best way to avoid any serious pitfalls is to be frugal. Investments are not a good idea for you and furthermore business owners should pay attention to market trends and avoid large scale initiatives as this may harm your capital.

Career for Pig - 2017

The influence of inauspicious stars sees a few setbacks – but these are potentials only. Do not worry and instead take the mindset that 'forewarned is forearmed'. Those who are employees, it is not a good idea to switch jobs this year. Hasty decisions on this front may lead to difficulty in your new career and worse yet the management might not find you a good staff member to boot!

Love for Pig - 2017

Love is all around, but chances are Mr or Mrs Right will not reveal themselves immediately. In fact, you may even be turned off by the dating game and wish to pursue singlehood for a time before you choose to settle down. Those you may find suitable for yourself may not match your requirements in terms of their age and so forth.

Health for Pig - 2017

Be careful of yourself whenever you leave your home. Avoid dangerous activities and be mindful of the food you eat and how it is prepared. Furthermore, senior members of your household may fall ill so watch over them for weak immune systems or chronic diseases.

Years of the Pig

2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935, ...

Compatible animals for Pig

Tiger, Goat, Rabbit

Your personality: Pig

Compared to the dog person, understanding what others think is not in the realm of the pig person. They are contented to eat, sleep and having a good time. They are no calculative, scheming has an attractive personality. Pigs are regarded as symbols of affluence and wealth and people must take advantage of this.

Being honest and frank is one of the characteristics of the pig people. However, they are stubborn, very dependant and hasty in decision-making. They may appear unsociable but until they become your friends, you’ll appreciate their positive side. People must understand people born under the pig sign in order to appreciate them better and cast them in a better light.

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