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"You are gifted in business with an innovative mind"

Today's tip for Rabbit :  Tue, Jan 23, 2018

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Wealth for Rabbit - 2017

Wealth prospects for you this year is going to be somewhat rocky at parts. This year secure your wealth from passive loss by purchasing fixed assets and items of appreciating value (such as artwork).
Rabbits, practise due diligence in your investments and don't just believe everything that's told to you. It's not a good time to lend money to those around you as well.
Remind yourself to be careful with your cash and avoid gambling and speculation entirely.

Career for Rabbit - 2017

This year, optimism and an upbeat spirit will help you. Empower yourself to make the changes where you can, and to accept the areas where you can't.
This year sees some setbacks ahead so be well prepared always.
If you're keen to tender your resignation and look for luck elsewhere, make sure that you have secured yourself with future employment before you proceed.

Love for Rabbit - 2017

Getting married may benefit you this year. But those of you who plan to get hitched this year must prepare in advance – do so early this year.
On the clashing end of the positive luck prospects of marriage, rabbits may also experience relationship crises or even break-ups. To avoid this from happening, don't carry your work troubles with you in the home front.

Health for Rabbit - 2017

You are prone to harm such as accidents and injuries. This is especially the case for frequent travellers, so please practice due diligence and be careful! A blood donation is also a good idea to 'sidestep' the possibilities of injuries.
Respiratory or gastrointestinal issues may flare up. Inflammation, too. To counter this or to ensure that this does not occur at all be mindful of what you eat and if you dine outside the home be sure to eat in places with high food safety standards. Be careful especially when you drive or participate in sports.

Years of the Rabbit

2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, ...

Compatible animals for Rabbit

Goat, Dog, Pig

Your personality: Rabbit

The 'Rabbit' personifies the peace-loving qualities of the human being. They are gifted in business with an innovative mind, although they are sometimes apathetic. They generally have good manners and enjoy a quiet life.

The 'Rabbit' is said to be one of the most fortunate of the twelve horoscopes. In Chinese mythology, 'Rabbit' represents peace and longevity.

The Rabbit enjoys a serene life in a pleasant environment. He is reticent and artistic and has accurate judgment. People born under this sign are also very gracious, kind, they provide good advice and has a strong appreciation for beauty and finer things in life.

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