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"You are witty, sociable and very ambitious"

Yesterday's tip for Rat :  Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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Wealth for Rat - 2017

Your accumulation of wealth is fair. Make well-planned financial investments for the year as it's a good time to do so, and avoid dodgy investments that carry risk. Windfall opportunities are sparse this year.
Maintain your savings for potential emergencies.

Career for Rat - 2017

Female rats shall fare much better than their male counterparts. Your career thrives and you can enjoy recognition and maybe even a promotion.
Male rats, keep your head down and you will ride the tide well. Befriend all the women in your working environment as they're the ones who will help you when you need it the most.

Love for Rat - 2017

Your romance opportunities and an affinity to meet your soulmate is good. Enjoy social get togethers and mix around – attend happy events with friends and family.
Those who are in a committed relationship will get married.
Disagreements and discord may happen so keep a calm and upbeat profile and communicate always.

Health for Rat - 2017

Your health prospects may cause you worry this year. You may sometimes feel like you're going 'crazy' or falling sick but this is only happening because you may be working yourself too hard.
Try to match your zeal to succeed with equal amounts of rest and relaxation.

Years of the Rat

2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, ...

Compatible animals for Rat

Dragon, Monkey, Ox

Your personality: Rat

Being a good advice provider is a characteristic of people born under the 'Rat' sign. But this same advice when applied to their personal lives is not necessarily observed. Integrity and consistency becomes a question. They often desire power and can be petty and greedy.

On the other hand, they are witty, sociable and very ambitious. The 'Rat' person is an opportunist and who will stop at nothing to reach the target. They are also prone to gambling and wild spending sprees.

The rat person could sometimes be straightforward and honest in their opinions yet they do this in a manner that people they interact with find themselves captivated by the person’s charm. They are amiable, hardworking and frugal. Yet, they are generous only to those they are affectionate. Despite their parsimonious ways, admirers often surround them because they exhibit a hard-to-ignore personal appeal. Once people are trapped, they may find it hard to disengage from them.

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