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"You are very routine, regimental and self-assured"

Yesterday's tip for Rooster :  Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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Wealth for Rooster - 2017

If you are studying at the moment you may expect great returns to your hard work. Creative thinking is on an all-time high.
You may potentially realise your dreams this year if you play your cards right. Opportunities are abound. If you work smart and capitalise on this good luck prospects you may see an increase in income. You may also receive welcome attention from others due to your hard work.

Career for Rooster - 2017

Secure the services of a professional fund manager to assist you in managing your money and avoiding risky ventures. This is not a time to be greedy, though – pace yourself. Work harder than ever before to capitalise on these good wealth potentials.
Avoid making serious choices and decisions this year.
Business owners should lay low this year and work hard to maintain a stable work environment. If you are an employee and wish to change jobs, please rethink this, as a new career elsewhere may not turn out as well as you wish.

Love for Rooster - 2017

You may find yourself feeling grumpy and foul tempered when it comes to matters of the heart. This is due to the influence of your possibly rocky wealth and career prospects. You may find yourself at odds with your partner and this leads to resentment between the both of you.
Remember that you must respect and love your partner always through thick and thin.

Health for Rooster - 2017

Health prospects may not be as good as it should for you this year therefore pay attention to your well-being. Avoid high performance or risky sports activities and drive very carefully when you are on the road.
Be cautious when you are on the road and drive at a slower speed than usual. You may find yourself requiring surgery this year. It's a good year to also pay a visit to the orthodontist and get your teeth scaled.

Years of the Rooster

2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933, ...

Compatible animals for Rooster

Dragon, Snake, Ox

Your personality: Rooster

Just like the real rooster, these people born under the sign of the rooster are very routine, regimental, self-assured and hardworking. He has no lack of admirers as he is outspoken and emits alluring appeal.
They like to judge the book by its cover and are risk-taker. Never share your deepest secrets with them. They are not good at keeping secrets. At times, they behave like weirdos. Rooster persons know their responsibilities to their families and are good at managing resources especially the financial ones.

He is sharp and critical often with little regard to the feelings of others. His opinions may cause uneasiness to people willingly or unwillingly the subject of the opinion.

The need to be identified, like to brag about themselves and be at the center of attention. A career that allows the person to interact with as many people as possible is very suitable.

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