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"You are sagacious, smart, restful and sensitive"

Today's tip for Snake :  Tue, Jan 23, 2018

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Wealth for Snake - 2017

Make good investments this year, avoid those that carry great risk and understand that windfalls may not occur for you this year. You may get small increments if you play your cards right.
Be careful when managing your money and again, invest cautiously. Please avoid all speculation and gambling as you may not fare well. New business ventures are also discourages unless you can guarantee that there is zero risk involvement.

Career for Snake - 2017

You may find your career running smoothly but there may be 'hitches' now and then. Stay on the ball and do not let your guard down.
If you find yourself dealing with disagreements on a personal level, be careful of your actions and words as the outcome may accidentally affect your career luck. On the work front, you may find some uphill battles ahead and competition is on a high. Do not worry – you are well equipped to arm yourself well during the harder times ahead.

Love for Snake - 2017

Romance, love, passion – this is looking good for the snake this year. Attached snakes will find bliss in the home front and single snakes may find an ideal partner this year. Married snakes may find themselves the subject of much talk in their neighbourhood – to counter any bad effects from this maintain good relationship with your spouse and take their thoughts and feeling into consideration. Most of all, stay calm and peaceful when you deal with anything to do with your love life.

Health for Snake - 2017

You must also be careful of your safety and watch your step. Frequent travellers, please take note on this.
Please take note that your chart sees some negative energies that can potentially weaken your luck prospects. Be calm always and maintain a peaceful exterior and interior.
There is a potential for injuries and bleeding caused by accidents. To avoid this from occurring at all be especially careful of yourself if you are a keen sportsman. An old ailment may flare up this year so do take a medical check-up if necessary.

Years of the Snake

2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, ...

Compatible animals for Snake

Monkey, Ox, Rooster

Your personality: Snake

The 'Snake' is sagacious, smart, restful and sensitive to those around him, but he can also often be indecisive and narcissistic. He can become mercenary if offended. 'Snake' people are also elegant to the point that some may find them pompous and showy. They can behave selfishly if threatened.

He is a critical analyst and specialises in philosophy and theology. He is gifted with an impenetrable wisdom. He is a graceful creature who enjoys the aesthetics in life.

Persons under this sign undertake decisions often without consultation from others. Communication with others is not their forte. He can be extremely religious or totally epicurean. He trusts his own instincts and is not easily influenced by others. People might find this habit unattractive but most of the time what they have decided are often correct.

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