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"You are a natural leader who likes activity and action"

Yesterday's tip for Tiger :  Mon, Dec 10, 2018

If you are looking for new financial opportunities, you may stumble across an interesting "Get Rich" scheme on the Internet that, believe it or not, might actually pay off for you ... just not maybe as much or as quickly as you had hoped.

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In 2018, the Tiger is one of the lowest ranking sign in terms of opportunities as there is only one auspicious star in its chart this year. If you have Tiger anywhere in your destiny chart, you can make use of the positive opportunities presented to you.


If you're working a corporate environment where you want to move up the next step, this might be a good year for you to do so. If you're working on social media and want to be more well-known, this year will present a good opportunity, because people will look up to you and trust you.

One of the key strengths for those with Tiger in their charts is trust. If you want to deepen your relationship with somebody or want to work better with co-workers, this is a perfect year to build that foundation, and in the long run, may translate to monetary returns.

However, do take note that there will be some challenges in 2018.


There might be situations in your work environment or industry where people may be talking behind your back. This may pose as a lot of noise that may cause you to be irritated. These petty people may trouble or stress you out, but only if you pay a lot of attention to them.

here will also be a lot of suspicions going on in your mind that are working against you. Calm yourself, meditate and clear your mind to achieve some tranquillity.

Also, there may be a certain point in time this year when you might have to take responsibility for problems that occur. These problems may not even be your fault in the first place. It might be a bit difficult to swallow the problem and seems unfair for now, but do be magnanimous and generous. If you take on the problem, you will earn a lot of respect from people who did not otherwise know about your abilities, generosity or charisma in the first place.


There might also be friends, buddies or colleagues whom you rely on, who might turn out to be less reliable than you thought. Don't place too much reliance on your partners or business associates this year.

Remember, your auspicious star this year shows you will be moving up, but this will also mean that there will be enemies, haters or naysayers who may pose as obstacles.

Years of the Tiger

2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, ...

Compatible animals for Tiger

Pig, Horse, Dog

Your personality: Tiger

A 'Tiger' person is a natural leader who likes activity and action in what they do. They are also very independent and like to do things on their own. They can be restless especially if born at night. They are also rebellious and dynamic. They are warriors who like to be at the centre of attention. They are quick-tempered but considerate, but their dynamic personalities may not be welcomed by everyone.

The 'Tiger’s' spontaneity and exuberance are infectious. He stimulates emotion in people and captivates the attention of many.

They can bring out every sort of emotion in people except indifference. Being the active person that he is, the tiger person thrives in situations where that person is always at the center of everything, taking charge and being noticed for it. Their vigour and love of life are stimulating.

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