"You are Creative, romantic and elegant"

LIBRA 23 Sep|23 Oct

Libra's Flower


'Indicate innocence, elegance and gentleness on behalf of both the giver and the receiver'

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Today's Star Ranking:
"Are you responsible for more than your own affairs? This is a question you may be asking yourself all day long, but the answer is unclear. "

Lucky Colour: Grey      
General Luck:
Money Luck:
Love Luck:
Work Luck:

Today's Lucky Number: 18

Today's Tarot Message for Libra:


" Nine of Pentacles "

Adapt your workout plan to your lifestyle; this way you will remain motivated to shake a leg. This is an excellent day for property matters. Don’t let office politics colour your view against someone innocent. Today you seem to be in mood for work, so shift into top gear! A secret admirer is likely to warm the cockles of your heart by his or her small gestures.

Tip of the day

Pot a plant in a red container. It stimulates your income as red colour symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

Manisha Koushik
Credit: Manisha Koushik (Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, Vastu-Fengshui Consultant) Phone: +91 9465801456 |
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