"You are Sexy, intense and strong-willed"

SCORPIO 24 Oct|21 Nov

Scorpio's Flower


'Promise power, warmth and nourishment'

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Today's Star Ranking:
"The reaction you get from a friend is likely to baffle you at first -- until you realize that he or she has misinterpreted your intentions. "

Lucky Colour: Navy blue      
General Luck:
Money Luck:
Love Luck:
Work Luck:

Today's Lucky Number: 18

Today's Tarot Message for Scorpio:


" Queen of Swords "

Getting set for something special is indicated today. You will manage to tackle extra workload that comes your way at work. A favourable day is foreseen on the academic front. You are likely to expand your friends’ circle by making new friends. An opportunity to invest in a financial scheme with better returns is in the offing. You may take steps to improve the domestic environment.

Tip of the day

Carry money in a black wallet or purse. This cure helps to improve your financial situation as black is the colour of money in China.

Manisha Koushik
Credit: Manisha Koushik (Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, Vastu-Fengshui Consultant) Phone: +91 9465801456 |
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