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ARIES 21 Mar|19 Apr
Today's card
King Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 9 Always look at the bright side, if things are going wrong in life. You may need to psyche yourself up to remain happy and contented. Money is likely to be gained through sponsors or...
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TAURUS 20 Apr|20 May
Today's card
Two Of Wands - Lucky number: 23 If you make the same mistake again and again, you may become a marked man. Use your gift of the gab to impress those who matter. Money will not be a problem, as you manage to increase your...
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GEMINI 21 May|21 Jun
Today's card
The Chariot - Lucky number: 1 The word disappointment isn't in your vocabulary. You are concerned things are to a greater extent a battle than you expected, with more defers and frustrations. Things aren't going to...
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CANCER 22 Jun|22 Jul
Today's card
The Star - Lucky number: 9 You may have to divide your time for two equally important jobs; do so without any reservations. Holding your own in the face of competition on the academic front may take some doing, but...
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LEO 23 Jul|22 Aug
Today's card
Two Of Swords - Lucky number: 2 Someone’s going may cause a vacuum in your life, but it will be a temporary phase. At work, you may be put pressure regarding a decision, but don’t get rushed, but also don’t take...
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VIRGO 23 Aug|22 Sep
Today's card
Knight Of Swords - Lucky number: 20 You may resolve not to get provoked, but it may be a losing battle! Your optimism will prove quite infectious in turning people to your side. Remain steady in an emotional situation that is...
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LIBRA 23 Sep|23 Oct
Today's card
Knight Of Cups - Lucky number: 9 A passion that you wanted to indulge in may have to wait a bit more. It may get difficult to make any progress at work without adequate resources, so put them together fast. Today, it will...
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SCORPIO 24 Oct|21 Nov
Today's card
The Magician - Lucky number: 1 Something not going right on the professional front needs to be addressed urgently, before it causes irreparable damage. Strained relations with someone are likely to gnaw from the inside,...
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Today's card
Five Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 9 Today, you may have to deal with someone who doesn’t have any kinds words for you, but don't get provoked. A child or sibling may make you proud by his or her achievements. Things move...
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CAPRICORN 22 Dec|19 Jan
Today's card
Seven Of Cups - Lucky number: 12 Don't get into someone’s way, who is trying to do his or her own thing; you are only going to antagonise. You may be required to take some time off to lend a helping hand to someone in...
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AQUARIUS 20 Jan|18 Feb
Today's card
Ten Of Wands - Lucky number: 3 Your desire to do something out of the ordinary may get countered by your laziness, but little you can do about it! Things remain good on the academic front, as you explore better avenues...
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PISCES 19 Feb|20 Mar
Today's card
The Heirophant - Lucky number: 2 It may be difficult to win someone over, whom you have offended. At work, it is in your interest to monitor progress, if you desire timely completion. A shopping trip with family is on the...
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