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ARIES 21 Mar|19 Apr
Today's card
The Tower - Lucky number: 18 Be careful of people spreading all kinds of lies about you. You will manage to excel in your field of expertise. Regular inflow of money from various sources promises a healthy bank...
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TAURUS 20 Apr|20 May
Today's card
Page Of Swords - Lucky number: 14 You feel liberated from something that had shackled you for the past so many days. At work, regular practice will help you gain confidence, so don’t give up on it. Your bank balance is...
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GEMINI 21 May|21 Jun
Today's card
Three Of Wands - Lucky number: 6 It is better not to do something than to make a mess of it, remember that! A fresh beginning is indicated for those testing new waters. Deliberate well before giving your views regarding an...
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CANCER 22 Jun|22 Jul
Today's card
Queen Of Wands - Lucky number: 5 It is better to find the middle path in an ongoing dispute, as it can continue endlessly. Search for a groom or bride for the eligible may get underway soon. Business persons and the...
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LEO 23 Jul|22 Aug
Today's card
The Moon - Lucky number: 14 There is no point in waiting endlessly for something to happen, as nothing will move without your initiative. Efforts may be required to regain lost ground on the academic front, but you...
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VIRGO 23 Aug|22 Sep
Today's card
Seven Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 3 Don't dilly-dally on issues that need prompt attention, as it may cause problems. Someone is likely to take you into confidence just to seek your help, so do whatever you can. Your present...
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LIBRA 23 Sep|23 Oct
Today's card
Seven Of Swords - Lucky number: 1 There is no need to hide behind anyone, just to save your skin; learn to face the consequences. On the financial front, it is best not to go beyond the budget. It will be important to keep...
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SCORPIO 24 Oct|21 Nov
Today's card
Page Of Cups - Lucky number: 11 Be better prepared to deal with someone who is pushy and assertive. Delays in delivering something important at work are best avoided. A family member studying or working in another city or...
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Today's card
The Chariot - Lucky number: 1 The word disappointment isn't in your vocabulary. You are concerned things are to a greater extent a battle than you expected, with more defers and frustrations. Things aren't going to...
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CAPRICORN 22 Dec|19 Jan
Today's card
Two Of Swords - Lucky number: 2 Someone’s going may cause a vacuum in your life, but it will be a temporary phase. At work, you may be put pressure regarding a decision, but don’t get rushed, but also don’t take...
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AQUARIUS 20 Jan|18 Feb
Today's card
Five Of Cups - Lucky number: 18 Your passion for unusual things may bring something really interesting your way today. Wise decisions and the right steps are likely to get you even more firmly established on the...
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PISCES 19 Feb|20 Mar
Today's card
Ace Of Wands - Lucky number: 7 Getting the best out of a situation is likely to win you praise at work. This is an excellent day when you do generally well in whatever catches your fancy! A business trip is likely to bag...
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