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ARIES 21 Mar|19 Apr
Tomorrow's card
Ten Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 6 Limit your desires, as these only result in frustration; be more aware of your ground realities. You may accomplish much on the professional front by bagging some good deals or netting some...
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TAURUS 20 Apr|20 May
Tomorrow's card
Knight Of Cups - Lucky number: 9 A passion that you wanted to indulge in may have to wait a bit more. It may get difficult to make any progress at work without adequate resources, so put them together fast. Today, it will...
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GEMINI 21 May|21 Jun
Tomorrow's card
The Empress - Lucky number: 15 Don't make your calculating nature too apparent, as it is certain to cause ill will. Finding faults with others is easy, but taking steps to prevent them may take some doing. Not the best...
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CANCER 22 Jun|22 Jul
Tomorrow's card
The Death - Lucky number: 16 Today, you are likely to face the ire of someone you have offended in the past, so be careful. Extending a helping hand to someone in need is the done thing, so don’t have any...
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LEO 23 Jul|22 Aug
Tomorrow's card
Knight Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 15 Don’t run away from complications; rather simplify the matter by thinking things out. Your long held belief may get shattered in the wake of new developments. Extra earning through other...
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VIRGO 23 Aug|22 Sep
Tomorrow's card
Eight Of Swords - Lucky number: 19 Hold your horses regarding a real estate investment and review it; you may get a better bargain. Things may not move your way at work today. Certain developments on the academic front are...
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LIBRA 23 Sep|23 Oct
Tomorrow's card
Eight Of Cups - Lucky number: 2 Don’t while away your precious time on the academic front; this time may not come back. Your indifferent attitude at work may get noticed, so show some more involvement. On the fitness...
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SCORPIO 24 Oct|21 Nov
Tomorrow's card
Knight Of Wands - Lucky number: 16 Make the most of the opportunity that is being afforded to you at this juncture. Carry adequate cash in a journey to avoid any problems. Fun factor may need to be infused in making a...
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Tomorrow's card
Ace Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 5 Continue to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Someone’s arrival is likely to brighten the domestic environment today. There will be no complaints as far as your health is...
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CAPRICORN 22 Dec|19 Jan
Tomorrow's card
Three Of Cups - Lucky number: 4 Get into the grip of things that are happening too fast for your comfort. Preparing for a long journey is on the cards for some. You may strive towards something that you are passionate...
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AQUARIUS 20 Jan|18 Feb
Tomorrow's card
Six Of Wands - Lucky number: 11 Bring some originality in your thoughts, if you are out to impress. Renewing your contacts on the academic front at this juncture will be in your interest. You can be worst off by taking...
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PISCES 19 Feb|20 Mar
Tomorrow's card
The Magician - Lucky number: 1 Something not going right on the professional front needs to be addressed urgently, before it causes irreparable damage. Strained relations with someone are likely to gnaw from the inside,...
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