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ARIES 21 Mar|19 Apr
Today's card
The Sun - Lucky number: 2 The sun is a to a great degree great card to draw from the deck. It speaks to warmth and satisfaction in one or numerous parts of your life. General sentiment plenitude is around you and...
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TAURUS 20 Apr|20 May
Today's card
King Of Swords - Lucky number: 9 Don’t break a promise, even if it means going out of your way. Arrival of guests today may compel you to cancel other plans. Strain on the family budget cannot be ruled out. Your own...
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GEMINI 21 May|21 Jun
Today's card
Six Of Wands - Lucky number: 11 Bring some originality in your thoughts, if you are out to impress. Renewing your contacts on the academic front at this juncture will be in your interest. You can be worst off by taking...
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CANCER 22 Jun|22 Jul
Today's card
The Magician - Lucky number: 1 Something not going right on the professional front needs to be addressed urgently, before it causes irreparable damage. Strained relations with someone are likely to gnaw from the inside,...
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LEO 23 Jul|22 Aug
Today's card
The World - Lucky number: 17 You are going to reach or are now getting a charge out of, a time of aggregate satisfaction, wholeness, and fulfillment - the landing of your heart's desires. You feel fulfilled by what you...
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VIRGO 23 Aug|22 Sep
Today's card
Ten Of Pentacles - Lucky number: 6 Limit your desires, as these only result in frustration; be more aware of your ground realities. You may accomplish much on the professional front by bagging some good deals or netting some...
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LIBRA 23 Sep|23 Oct
Today's card
Ten Of Swords - Lucky number: 6 Someone’s intrinsic nature may impress you and remove any misapprehensions you had regarding him or her. Choose a favourable time for launching a new venture on the business front. On the...
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SCORPIO 24 Oct|21 Nov
Today's card
King Of Cups - Lucky number: 10 Much preparation will be required in something you are about to embark upon. Taking the initiative to renovate the house seems a step in the right direction, so work out the expenses. A...
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Today's card
Wheel Of Fortune - Lucky number: 7 This is the best time to start a new venture you had been contemplating for long. Take a stand against those who simply refuse to support you. Calling a spade a spade is the need of the...
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CAPRICORN 22 Dec|19 Jan
Today's card
Five Of Swords - Lucky number: 6 Efforts will be required to bring the opposite party to the negotiating table on the business front. Taking positive steps in a situation will set things right, even if they are presently...
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AQUARIUS 20 Jan|18 Feb
Today's card
Eight Of Cups - Lucky number: 2 Don’t while away your precious time on the academic front; this time may not come back. Your indifferent attitude at work may get noticed, so show some more involvement. On the fitness...
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PISCES 19 Feb|20 Mar
Today's card
Four Of Wands - Lucky number: 4 Getting things done in your own way is what you desire, but it is difficult to have your own way at this point in time. Don't use harsh words as it may cause unnecessary friction. On the...
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