"You are smart, honest and straightforward"

You could find that you are a victim of disinformation. Your normal sources of information are unreliable right now. If you are reading something in the newspaper that pertains to your career, take it with a grain of salt - at least until you are able to verify it.

Video: Year of the Dog - 2018

If you are born in the year of the Dog, or have the Dog sign in your Bazi chart, you are blessed with good stars for 2019. The Surpassing Path Star will be here to take you to the next level. Meeting new people and getting into networking groups can lend strength to your career or business. The Sky Happiness star is a sign that you should tie the knot in 2019 if you are considering it. It will bring prosperity especially if you have the sign of the Dog appearing in your Day Earthly Branch. Check your Bazi chart for this sign. Singles can also seek out a new partner.

You have to take care against some inauspicious stars that can possibly drag you down. These are the Heaven Sha, The Solitary Star, Sickness charm, The Annual Sha and the Yellow Flag star.

Years of the Dog

2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, ...

Compatible animals for Dog

Tiger, Rabbit, Horse,

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