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"You are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners"

Today's tip for Monkey :  Sat, Jan 19, 2019

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This year, those born under the influence of the Monkey may have opportunities to make money across borders or internationally. So if you're thinking of expanding business, travelling or connecting with people far away, this year is a great year for that.

It's also a great year to learn a new skill, technique, subject or craft. Make use of the knowledge that you gain to convert it into monetary terms or profit. If you're working for other people, learning a new skill or ability will help you improve your position.

Those who are still in school or studying, this year is a good year for academic learning and grades. Pick a subject that your future self will thank you for.


Acquiring knowledge comes in two ways: Either studying it ourselves, or learning from books or attending classes. The other way is to find the right teacher. When the right person passing on the right knowledge and experience can help to inspire you to do better in life.

Mentors look for you, so position yourself in a way that someone would want to guide you and pass on their knowledge to you. You will have that opportunity to meet a mentor this year, but you must be willing to accept help from other people.


There may be possible injuries, illnesses or challenges such as petty people this year. Focus on your career and education, and don't pay attention to these people around you.

There may also be elderly people around you who may fall ill this year. Make sure they see a doctor and spend more time with them.

There could also be more emotional or sentimental feelings this year, where you might get depressed or cry a lot. It does not necessarily mean sad events, but it could mean that you're more emotional this year.

If you prioritise your career or education, all these issues will not be too major to you.

Years of the Monkey

2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, ...

Compatible animals for Monkey

Snake, Rat, Dragon

Your personality: Monkey

'Monkey' people are extremely intelligent, witty, fast learners, manipulative and competitive. Challenges are what make the 'Monkey' person motivated to move along the path of greatness. No challenge is too great from them.

They exhibit good interpersonal and social skills, but oftentimes, they can be selfish, cunning, jealous and egoistic. They often think too highly of themselves and have little respect for others.

People born under this sign are overflowing with talent and wealth.

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