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"You are symbols of affluence and wealth"

Today's tip for Pig :  Sat, Jan 19, 2019

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Video: Year of the Pig - 2018

Those born in the Year of the Pig will find that 2018 will be one of the most pleasant or happiest. If you are generally a happy person, you'll meet more opportunities to build meaningful relationships.


For those who are single, you might find someone this year interesting enough to build a long-term relationship with. Those who are already in a relationship may find an opportunity to tie the knot this year or move up a level in your relationship with each other.

If you're already married, this may be a good year for you to have a kid.

However, those born in the Year of the Pig may also face situations where there may be too many people to fall in love with, or that you may already be with someone else, but you might find another person a little bit more interesting. All you need to do is to understand there are boundaries between how intimate you get with people.


You will also become helpful to other people as they may come to you for assistance, advice or help. This will put you in a position of authority, respect and power to serve others. If you take on this role, you will shine this year, and also continue to be respected in 2019, 2020 and so on.

Good tidings and good events might happen for you. Because of the Heavenly Blessing star, life will happen for you, not against you.


There will also be some negative stars, but with no major impact this year.

You might feel that no one is there to help you although you are doing your best to help people this year. But remember to be generous and by doing so, you'll build great friendship and fulfilment by serving people.


If you are someone who plans ahead, a lot of the planning won't work. Try not to plan 10 or 20 steps ahead. Just proceed with the next couple of steps you deem is right. This is one of those years when you don't need to plan too far ahead.


Some of your friends may take advantage of you or you might lose some money, especially huge deals, so be careful of small details in contracts. If someone doesn't deserve your help, say no to them and move on to somebody else worth your time.

Watch the video below for more details.

Years of the Pig

2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935, ...

Compatible animals for Pig

Tiger, Goat, Rabbit

Your personality: Pig

Compared to the dog person, understanding what others think is not in the realm of the pig person. They are contented to eat, sleep and having a good time. They are no calculative, scheming has an attractive personality. Pigs are regarded as symbols of affluence and wealth and people must take advantage of this.

Being honest and frank is one of the characteristics of the pig people. However, they are stubborn, very dependant and hasty in decision-making. They may appear unsociable but until they become your friends, you’ll appreciate their positive side. People must understand people born under the pig sign in order to appreciate them better and cast them in a better light.

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